We are strategic management advisors.

We are an agile executive management team with industry leading experience. Our past management experience includes divisional and national leadership roles at Apple Canada, prior to and through the tremendous growth years of the company (1998-2013). You can apply that experience directly to your business, gaining insight only where you need it — to the firm itself, a project or a timeline.

We are proven business advisors with a charismatic ability to effectively lead through complex and ambiguous business challenges.

We are a Canadian management consulting and venture capital/private equity corporation on the West coast of North America, located in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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We consult, coach and advise, focusing on the creative, manufacturing
and technology sectors.

1. We offer executive management guidance to firms who rely on the strength of their creative genius but who may be frustrated by unexpected business complexities — usually due to inertia, inexperience, or both.

2. We provide specialized marketing services, utilizing customized market research, targeting specific customer need and developing plans across social media networks, mobile-first solutions and web/radio/television ad campaigns.

3. We provide bespoke business and financial analyst services, including realtime data enabling though onsite API-integration, utilizing proven, robust enterprise resource planning frameworks.

4. We increase firm value by identifying operational synergies and leveraging strategic function for businesses faster than otherwise attainable through organic growth alone.

5. We provide access to a broader network of business professionals, including creative specialists (in film, television and audio production), app developers, finance analysts, information technology specialists, sales agents, marketing managers, business intelligence researchers, vendor management specialists, operations managers, supply chain and process manufacturing experts. Outsourcing job function is a variable cost; replacing fixed FTE costs with variable costs increases net profit, enabling you to adapt to changing demand while maintaining control over your budget.

6. We provide equity valuations for non-traded assets and develop strategic operating and capital investment plans to engage market opportunities both internally to increase efficiencies and externally to facilitate and target expansion and acquisition initiatives.

7. We look for private equity engagements with companies who possess solid valuations and strong upside potential through controlling interest equity and debt financing tactics. We provide the "leg up" through to initial public offering, where we exit.


We are re-inventing the traditional management consulting practice.

Continuous performance improvement demands innovation. Helping your firm evaluate opportunities to drive dramatic transformation is the core of our business.

Cost of capital and cost of equity are at a premium for stand-alone private firms. Agile finance implementation methodologies with robust corporate governance and oversight can increase your competitiveness in the marketplace, enabling you to achieve greater success at greater velocity.

Competitive advantage gives you the edge over your competition, consistently baffling outsiders while delivering upside to your bottom line. When you succeed, we succeed.


What we offer


Executive-level business insight
and guidance


Strategic planning and
competitive analysis


Fair market value analysis
for non-traded assets


Enterprise resource planning
and investment analysis


Insight into optimized
process/lean manufacturing


Functional role fulfillment. Fill
gaps by project or timeline.


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